Best Amazon Price Tracker

Prices of online products are prone to constant fluctuations; this makes knowing the best time to buy or sell a necessary skill. To track Amazon prices, you require a little experience in past price behaviour and constant monitoring of prices. The good thing is, you don’t have to do these manually, here are the best Amazon price tracker apps: 

Top-Rated Amazon Price Trackers 

CamelCamelCamel . This tool used to check Amazon price history is an amazing way to discover discounts and monitor prices of Amazon products. CamelCamelCamel shows you the price history of an item; the highs and lows, and how Amazon and third-party sellers affect prices by listing new and used items. 

With a free account, you can customise alerts to get email notifications when the price of the chosen item falls below a specified amount. It notifies you of all-time low prices and gives you access to data that can help to predict price behaviour.

Amazon Price Tracker

Honey . This Amazon Chrome extension that is also available on Safari, Edge, Firefox, Edge, and Opera compares prices from retailers like Amazon. One of its features is the “Droplist” which sends you notifications when a product on your list has a drop in price. One of Honey’s standout features is that it automatically finds and applies promo codes to your card when you’re shopping on Amazon.

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Honey also features the Honey Gold, a collectible percentage back from online purchases on over 4000 stores, which you can easily exchange for Amazon gift cards.

Keepa . This software is suitable for both buyers looking to get the best possible deal and agencies trying to get product information of clients or competitors. Keepa is an Amazon price check software that gives you price data on some countries that other price trackers do not support. Such countries are Mexico, India, and Brazil.

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Keepa displays a product’s price history in a simple graph that indicates the changes over time. Other vital data such as periods of Lightning Deals and if the piece includes shipping fees. All this data can be easily exported and toyed with. Keepa is compatible with a wide range of browsers. . Amazon prices are frustratingly erratic; prices can change over millions of times daily. These drops may happen when you’re asleep, driving, working, etc., and shoot back up when you’re free, leading you to lose awesome deals. This Amazon price monitor lets you fix a target price for a product on Amazon, then automatically purchases the product when it drops below the fixed price.

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Waatcher also features detailed price history charts and notifications for price drops for all Amazon sites. Although Waatcher is only available through the web (no extension or app yet), it is one of the best Amazon price trackers

Amazon Price Tracker by DigitalInspiration. Amazon Price Tracker by Digital Inspiration is one of the best ways to track Amazon prices. Its key features are its ease of use, effectiveness, and compatibility on Amazon sites.

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The simplest way to use this Amazon price tracker is to create a products wishlist and assign price limits for each, sit back and relax as the software notifies you via email when there’s a fluctuation or drop below the designated boundaries. The basic plan lets you keep track of up to 600 products simultaneously.

Amazon price trackers are an essential tool that every smart shopper should own. It is also useful in monitoring competitors and their pricing strategies. Relying on old school/manual methods is time-consuming and not nearly half as effective, it’s also impossible to access some of the data related to price history on your own. 

Obtaining an Amazon price tracker will save you a lot of time and money. If you’re a shopaholic, there isn’t any good reason to not use this software. 


What are Amazon price trackers?  

They are software that helps you monitor and keep track of changes in the price of Amazon items in real-time. 

Can you view price history on Amazon?

Yes. You can view price history on Amazon by using Amazon price tracking browser extensions in real-time. 

Can Amazon alert you when the price drops?  

Yes. By using Amazon price trackers, you can receive alerts when there’s a price drop in your item(s) of interest. 

Do Amazon refund if a price drops? 

Yes. You can get a refund of the difference if the price of the item drops within seven days of purchase.