Helium 10 2020 Review: Is It Still One of the Best?

If you’re looking for a place to start selling goods online, you’ve probably checked out Amazon as a host website. We can’t blame you; it’s the biggest online market in the world. But, with that size and reach, comes certain problems, especially for new sellers. There are probably already sellers with confirmed reviews selling your product and an established market. 

Analyzing the market and sellers and doing some research into customer searches can help you rise above others, but it’s damn hard to do on your own. That’s where the Helium 10 swoops in.

Helium? Isn’t that a gas or something?

No, it’s not. Well, yes, helium is a gas, but it’s also the name of a web-based software that provides all the tools you need to give you a head start on creating a great Amazon listing. This will, in turn, draw in more customers, which will earn you more and more money. This leads to reviews that bring even more customers, which means even more sales. It’s a well-oiled cycle of profit. 

helium 10 reviews

To sweeten the deal, there’s also a Helium 10 Chrome extension apart from Helium 10’s app. The extension allows you to view certain information on products when browsing Amazon.

What does Helium 10 cost?

The Helium 10 has a whole tool suite to offer, so it’s definitely not completely free. Like most other Amazon research software, Helium 10’s pricing is monthly with options to pay yearly for all five plans. Here’s the breakdown:

helium 10

  1. FREE : Yes, there’s a free Helium 10 plan. An extremely welcome sight as it comes with most (but not all) the features of the other plans. The only hitch is that your use of Helium's tools are limited.
  2. Á la carte : This plan has a range of $17/to $97 per month. With this package, only pay for something you need. Just the necessities here. 
  3. Platinum: This is basically an upgraded but still small version of Helium 10’s app. It’s great for first-time sellers, though, because, while it doesn’t allow unlimited access to all tools, it still has access to most Helium 10 tools, with unlimited usage for some of them. All for the price of $97 per month. 
  4. Diamond: This Helium 10 plan is for the rising seller on Amazon. Business is booming, and now, you need more tools in higher quantity. The Diamond plan does that for you at $197 a month.
  5. Elite: For the ballers on Amazon because the pricing for this Helium 10 isn’t for small sellers. For $397 per month, you get all Helium 10 tools plus free classes to help you better understand their use on Amazon.

What do Helium 10 tools do?

We’ve been talking about tools for a bit now, but each tool needs a bit of explaining, so that you can put it in perspective.

Some tools can only be found on the Helium 10 extension, just as most of the tools listed above are specific to the web app. There are five tools on the Chrome extension.

  1. X-ray: Previously discussed.
  2. Profitability calculator: Previously discussed.
  3. ASIN Grabber: Use copied ASINS to create targeted ads.
  4. Inventory Level: Check inventory levels on Amazon listings.
  5. Review downloader: Helium 10 allows you to check competitor reviews to look up customer views, and problems. This can give you an edge when selling.


What is Helium 10 used for?

Helium 10 is used to optimize your listings and give you an advantage over your competitors by helping you track and analyze their products.

Can I test the Helium 10 tools?

Yes, you can. Helium 10 offers most of its tools in its free package but with limited use.

How do I connect Helium 10 account to my professional Amazon seller account?

The process of this may look hard, but according to Helium 10 reviews, it doesn’t even take ten minutes. Just follow the steps here .

Is Helium 10 accurate? 

While Helium 10 does eliminate some tedious research, it’s definitely not the be-all and end-all of getting and maintaining a good Amazon-FBA. The data is mostly accurate, yes, but it should not be taken as law.