How Amazon Sales Ranks May Affect Your Business

Surely you are familiar with the algorithms that run the web-based world. If you work your business on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you know that the algorithm can have a significant impact on your business. 

The same goes for Amazon. Amazon also has an algorithm in place that could determine where your product ends up in a search or listing. Tools like the Jungle Scout estimator and various Amazon sales rank calculator programs help you determine your rank and potentially improve it as well. 

An Amazon Algorithm Overview 

The algorithm used by Amazon is known as the A9 algorithm. This algorithm directly correlates to the product search field. The returned results of any product search are born of 2 specific identifying categories. 

First, a catalog of items is reviewed that are relative to the search criteria. Next, A9 sorts the items ranking them by their relevance to the search criteria. Once a consumer types something in the search bar, they can extensively narrow the search further through a functional filter. 

Here’s the thing, A9 is designed to be efficient for the customer but also relevant to the seller. Your Amazon sales rank could make a difference on whether or not your items are being displayed in these searches. 

The great thing is that this algorithm is intuitive and adaptive. Amazon also regularly evaluates and adjusts the systems to ensure they are truly returning the best results in any search. 

The 3 most important things to keep your items high in the Amazon sales rank calculator are: relevance, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction. For you to achieve these pieces be sure you are using keywords in your listings, providing competitive prices and images, and satisfying your customers. 

Top Tips for Climbing the Amazon Sales Ranks

There are a few basic measures you can take to boost your Amazon sales estimator numbers and improve your ranks. Remember that the higher your ranks, the better your FBA amazon calculator will look for your success. 

Here are a few basic tips to help you climb those ranks and score in the algorithm. 

amazon sales estimator

Sales are Required 

It takes time to climb the Amazon sales rank. Remember, it is called a sales rank. This means you will need to allow time for your product to establish some sales. Take some thought and consider how you might be able to get sales on your product before you even put it out there. 

You might have to do some coupon deals or giveaways to get those sales going. Regardless of how exemplary your product is; it still needs sales to climb higher in regards to your Amazon Sales Rank calculator. 

Competitor Comparison

The Amazon sales estimator tools are capable of comparing your competitor’s sales ranks and giving you a goal. You may never be able to catch them or outdo them. Just keep in mind that the higher the sales rank, the more sales that company is likely to continue to get. 

These tools are designed to provide you with comparisons to allow you to get an idea of an estimate for what you should strive for. 

Consistency Pays Off

The Amazon sales rank picks up on consistency. If your sales are cyclical or you see a major boost and then a major recession in sales, this could impact your rank. 

Any boost in sales will have a positive relation to your rank but if you can maintain a fairly consistent level of sales, you will be more successful. What you want to specifically avoid is having a major boost that then plummets drastically. The sales rank algorithm notices this and it won’t do you any favors. 

However, if you are maintaining a consistent sales patter, your keywords and overall Amazon sales rank will be in a better place. 


Overall, determine how you can best use an Amazon sales rank calculator to help you achieve success. These tools are designed to help you boost your sales ranks by looking at the big picture. 

As you peruse your option, try to find unique categories for your products but also seek out categories that are in high demand. Find a way to show the world that you have the best of that product and attract customers. Furthermore, take action to get your sales moving and keep them consistent.