How to Sell Products on Amazon – Your Step by Step Guide

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Learn how to sell on Amazon by FBA or FBM, by following the steps in this article to secure success for your online Amazon business.

how to sell books on amazon

In this article, we aren’t going to cover all the why’s of selling on Amazon.

We are going to go ahead and assume that you have researched all the benefits of selling products on Amazon’s Marketplace.

You already know that Amazon is a phenomenal chance to start an online business from your home, or perhaps, elevate your existing business to join the world of Amazon selling.

Whichever your why, we are glad you are here. So let’s get started on the how’s of selling on Amazon.

How to Sell Products Amazon – Your Step by Step Guide

Before Registering on Amazon

amazon seller central Choose What to Sell

The way Amazon works is that you can choose from:

a)     20 item categories open to all sellers

b)    10 additional item categories open to professional sellers

You’ll do well to ensure you tap into niches, and therefore products which relate to your potential shoppers’ wants and needs  100% .

Below are some tips for selecting the right product to sell on Amazon:

1.    Think Small, think Light

Obviously, the more an item weighs, the more it’ll cost to ship. But the size of the package matters, too. Bigger items go up the price list, which can drastically reduce your profits. By picking something smaller and lighter, you can make shipping costs and FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) fees a lot more manageable.

Try and pick something substantial, easy to hold, and not easy to break!

2.    The Product Has Popular Keywords

Let’s not try and reinvent the wheel with your first product launch.

When you land upon a product whilst doing your research that has keywords frequently in use, pop it on your shortlist straight away.

Amazon advise that the top 2-4 keywords have approximately 100,000 searches for it each month, but use that as a rough guideline.

3.    Look for Products That Don’t Have Too Many Reviews

Reviews are an essential element of selling any product successfully, but be careful of picking a product that has an abundance of reviews.

You’d be encountering crazy strong competition. And a product with less reviews makes it much easier for you to gain 5***** reviews, which massively affects your ability to rank towards the top of the online marketplace.

what is amazon fba Choose the Best Selling Plan for Your Amazon Business

The plans available are Individual and Professional.

Individual Amazon Selling Plan

·       You can sell less than 40 products each month without incurring a subscription fee

·       This plan does come with a $0.99 selling fee per each sold item, plus referral & variable fees

If you are starting out selling on Amazon, this plan is your best bet, and you can always upgrade to the Professional plan when your business really starts flying.

Professional Amazon Selling Plan

·       Plan to sell in excess of 40 products each month

·       Subscription fee, plus referral & variable fees

amazon seller Decide on the FBA or FBM Route

FBA ( Fulfilled by Amazon ) is the service offered by Amazon to take care of your order processing, shipping and returns. IO Scout present IOScout Sales Estimator 2020 free!  

FBM ( Fulfilled by Merchant ) is when you take care of all this yourself!

After Registering with Amazon

So, once you’ve decided what to sell, the right plan for you, and the service to use, let’s look at the next steps.

1.     Begin by Listing Your Products  

You can now upload your products to Amazon’s item catalogue.

You have two methods to list your products. For items already existing on Amazon, you’ll need to specify the number of items you intend to sell, rate the state of their quality and appearance, and shipping options.  

For products that don’t exist yet on Amazon, you’ll need to indicate a universal product code, international article number and stock keeping unit. Don’t forget to add the items’ title and description to optimise your listing.  

2.    Sell Your Products

As soon as your items begin to sell, the fees for selling will be withdrawn from your bank account provided, and you can enable payment delivery notifications to your email.

3.    Ship Your Sold Products

Amazon notify you automatically when your product(s) are sold in real-time.

4.    Get Paid!

Your profits are paid directly into the bank account you provided to Amazon, on a regular basis.

amazon seller Go Forth and Build your Selling Business on Amazon

This article has given you the steps required to start selling your very first product on Amazon’s Online Marketplace.

Good luck with your Amazon adventure!